Wild mountains
    Mountains around Gjøra  
    In Sunndal you don’t have to take many steps from your front door before you can climb a Mountain. At Gjøra the area to the south east of the village, between Skarven and Svarthaugen is called "heimfjella", - the mountains closest to your home. A rather steep, but wonderful walk takes you from Gjøra via Gravemsetrene, to the ridge overlooking the beautiful valley of Lindalen. Continue towards Svarthaugen, back to Gjøra via Nisjasetra or alternatively down to Gammelsetra in Lindalen and further to Jenstad and Gjøra.  
    Mountains of Sunndal  
    Former Minister of Environment, Professor Olav Gjærevoll described Gjøra as "the gateway to the promised Land". On the other hand locals often name the gorge of Åmotan as “Hell”. Heaven or not, this range of Sunndalsfjella represents the North Western part of the Dovre plateau, and is a very important breeding area for the wild reindeer in Snøhetta. Well marked tourist trails and more unstaffed tourist huts make it possible to walk safely eastwards towards Hjerkinn and Kongsvoll, or westwards towards lake Aursjøen.  
    Trollheimen - home of the Trolls  
    Trollheimen offers a diversity of beautiful valleys with mountain farms and majestic mountain formations on the horizon. Towards Sunndal this mountain massif is like an impregnable fortress, but with a few weak places. From Gjøra Trollheimen can be conquered via Gjørashaugen or Vollasetra. A little energy can be saved if your take your car into Storlidalen or Gjevilvassdalen from the east, or the beautiful Innerdalen from the west. In this area you will find more staffed "setrer" and tourist huts.  
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