Spectacular waterfalls of Åmotan
    Flora and fauna  
    Where the river systems of Skiråa and Reppa confluence with the Lindøla from the east and come together with the Grøvu and the Grødøla from the west, you will find a water inferno unequalled by anything else. In botanical sense Åmotan is unique with contributions both from mountain flora, vegetation requiring high humidity and broadleaves demanding high summer temperatures. More than 100 different bird species have been observed around Åmotan, amongst them rare and protected birds of prey.  
    Professor Rolf Nordhagen made several geological surveys of Åmotan between 1920 - 30, and described his first trip there as a revelation of a unique land. He expressed great admiration for the vast gravel terraces on the edge of the abyss. Ice ages and subsequent elevation of the land forced the rivers to change their courses, and Åmotan developed into an enormous plughole in a water basin. The river Grøvu has since carved out a canyon showing the power of water and rocks at work.  
    Mountain farming  
    Round Åmotan the beautiful farms of Jenstad, Lundli, Sveen and Svisdal are situated with their old and sunburnt log houses. Here they still farm the traditional way with cattle and sheep. It is worth taking your time visiting Åmotan! Turn off at Gjøra and continue 6 km towards Jenstad. Walk the trail marked with a red “T “towards Gammelsetra, and after less than an hour you will see the spectacular hidden waterfall “Lindalsfallet”. Continue crossing the river Lindøla to Lundli, and end your trip by visiting the waterfall troll down in the gorge.  
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