Sunndal National Park Center
    Most farms in Sunndal have taken well care of their original buildings. Modern farm use requires new and more efficient buildings, meaning that these older houses sometimes have to go. The idea of establishing an intact authentic farmstead from the 1800s had existed for some years and was initiated by locals. The road to this has been trying and difficult, but now the dream has become reality. So far four buildings have been moved in to a farm context in Sagtrøa.  
    Cultural history  
    Thanks to many hours of volunteer work, financial assistance from private and communal sources, not to forget extensive labour from part time workers in the mid 1990s, it became possible to move the 23-meter long building 17 km up the valley from Litjfale. At the Kvernbekken brook at Nisja, the house was rebuilt and now joined a barn earlier moved from a farm in the neighbourhood. Later a storehouse, "stabbur" and a small mill were added. One can almost feel the buildings enjoy each other’s company!  
    National park information  
    The use of the buildings in Sagtrøa is a little bit different from their original purpose. In the barn you now find information about the flora and fauna of the Sunndal Mountains. In the main building there are conference facilities and rooms for celebrations (e.g. wedding and birthday parties). In the cellar an original "eldhus", a room for cheese making and baking, has been restored. In time the exhibition area around the old "røykovnstua", living room with an open fire in the middle, will be ready. The mill will again be used to grind grain.  
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