Nyheim Lodge
    Cafeteria open all summer  
    Just before you arrive at Gjøra Camping, you pass the summer residence called Nyheim Lodge, built in 1905 by Edgar Crookshank for British sport fishermen. Today Nyheim is run as a cafeteria and meeting place for tourists and local people. Nyheim opens every day during the summer season from 13.00 to 20.00 during weekdays, 13.00 to 02.00 on Saturdays and 13.00 to 20.00 on Sundays. Why not come and taste our very popular Beef stew or oven baked salmon …  
    Sport fishing in the early days and now  
    In the lounge at Nyheim you will find various memories from the golden years of the river Driva's salmon fishing. The family of Edgar Crookshank had spent a few summers in Sunndal before they decided to build this house as their summer residence on Nisja land. Nowadays veterans like Anja and Leon from Denmark have spent many an hour on the river each summer.  
    Party arrangements  
    Later Crookshank rented Nyheim out to other British sport fishermen. Most of them were highly placed army officers or nobility, who brought their own servants and engaged local people. In 1968 the English era came to an end, and the local population was allowed to start using the building. A lot of celebrations like birthday parties and weddings are now organised and take place here. The dining room can seat up to 30 guests, and the lounge has space for 30 more.  
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