The district of Gjøra
    The Meadow of the Witch  
    Of Sunndal's 7500 inhabitants only 260 live in Gjøra. The distance between the outer limits of the district is almost 30 km. In addition there is plenty of space; - every person in Gjøra has almost 5000 acres at his disposal. Gjøra is originally named after a farm, and is now used for the whole district. It is believed to be derived from an old Norwegian name "Giogrvin", which means the meadow of the female trolls, or the meadow at the foot of the round hill.  
    Like its changing climate and nature, the inhabitants in the upper Sunndal area are also a mixture of people coming from the mountain areas of middle Norway as well as the fjord districts of Møre and Romsdal. Snow covered mountains well into summer surround Gjøra, the center in the upper part of the valley. Here three valleys and two rivers come together, and from this crossroad you can reach well known tourists sites like Trollstigen, Ålesund, Atlanterhavsvegen, Trondheim and Røros in two to three hours by car.  
    Staunch and stubborn  
    In 1935 the people of Gjøra made up their mind to build their own church, as they felt the distance to the parish church in Romfo was too long. They even managed to finish the romantic chapel before the architect had drawn up his final plans! In the years to follow, they have also built their own shooting rink, floodlit ski track, sport ground, modernised the community hall and rebuilt in traditional style a national park information center.  
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